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Holy Moly, SXSW bands have been sent off

Boy, Saturday was a fun. Our president-in-exile (self-proclaimed) graced us all with more than a few band intros, loads of people came out, lots of beer was spoken for, and lots of fun was had. Here are a few echos of the event from around the interwebs…
The Trib has a recap here if you were at the Mavis show instead. 😉

Five years old, the event is equal parts music fest, scene bash and hand of kindness: The bands earn goody bags stuffed with T-shirts and flip-flops from sponsor Threadless, walk off with a case of beer when they finish their sets and get to split the day’s door proceeds, every performer winning an equal share. Often that cash is hand-delivered by Tuten or his wife, Katie, down in Texas.

Some tweets:
@smhcronin@hideoutchicago is everything I love about this city. Come out for the #sxsw sendoff. Tiger Bones on right now. So good.
@emilyhilleren : To be fair, he recovered well. RT @BabyStew Radar Eyes bassist just fell off the stage @hideoutchicago. Rock and roll.
@mikulaja : @hideoutchicago Loved the #sxsw send off, “KIds these days” were great!!
And last but not least, the last measly 5 minutes from Tim’s Joan of Arc Intro… and the crowd loves it!