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H/O history: Honky Tonk Living Room & Country Calendar '99

The Texas Rubies
The Texas Rubies

Deep in the archives of No Depression’s website is an interesting article from 1999 (don’t ya wanna go?) by Linda Ray titled…
Honky Tonk Living Room – The Hideout (Tucson, AZ), December 17, 1998 and January 21, 1999
If you were at either or both of these shows, or any Honky Tonk Living Room show, you probably remember these nights very well, though it’s now a dozen years ago that they happened. Whether you were there or not, the article provides an interesting window into the Hideout not very long after it became the club it remains 12 years later.
Not exactly sure where that “(Tucson, AZ)” came from, but looking past that the article does a nice job of covering the last night in the first year of the Honky Tonk Living Room series, which featured the reunion of the Texas Rubies, a great duo featuring Kelly Kessler (who hosted the HTLR series) and Jane Baxter Miller,  along with Chris and Heather’s Country Calendar show one month later (though it says little about the great classic country movies that are always a featured part of the Country Calendar shows.)
The links below lead to more content in the No Depression archives on some of the artists discussed in the article…
Anastasia DaviesEdith FrostHeather McAdamsJane Baxter MillerJon LangfordKelly HoganKelly KesslerNeal PollackTexas Rubies
Also mentioned in the article are H/O friends and favorites Chris Ligon, Edith Frost, Anna Fermin, Brett Sparks (of The Handsome Family), Kelly Hogan, Robbie & Donna Fulks, and Kim Docter & Mike Luke of Moonshine Willy.
With the exception of a few (some of whom have moved to Nashville or Tucson, hmm…) all of these artists can still be found at the Hideout fairly frequently. Most have found much success since, but keep coming back, and we’re very thankful to them for continuing to grace our stage!