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Hideout Workers' Comp II

HIdeout Workers Comp Vol II
HIdeout Workers Comp Vol II

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For a small bar the Hideout pitches a very big tent. In business since 1934, our creaky little tavern on a dusty dead-end street famously welcomes all comers: musicians and artists, locals and tourists, anarchists and working stiffs. And in the 13 years under the current ownership, the Hideout’s stage has played host to everyone from jazzbos and country crooners to metalheads and Mavis Staples. In the (unusually concise) words of co-owner Tim Tuten, it is truly “the neighborhood bar for the global village.”
So it’s not exactly a shock that Hideout Workers’ Comp, Vol. II, the sequel to an acclaimed 2003 showcase of Hideout employees’ talent, is more eclectic than ever. Curated and produced by Hideout staff, the new CD is a truly inclusive reflection of Chicago’s diverse music scene. Here you’ll find metal noise (bartender Andrea Jablonski’s Rabid Rabbit,) Frenchified gypsy folk (soundman Ryan Hembrey’s Can.Ky.Ree,) bluegrass pickin’ (The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders String Band, with bartender Sarah Bortt,) and… Rimsky-Korsakov (The Makeout Party Big Band, a supergroup comprising bartender Jeff Thomas and sound guys Hembrey, Mike Sturgess, and Nick Broste.) Produced in a handprinted limited edition of 300 with original art by Hideout poster artist Alana Bailey, the CD is available at the bar and downloadable in .mp3 via the Thrill Jockey web site