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Hideout + Bloodshot = Safety first!

The Hideout turned 15 last month, but our friends over at Bloodshot are a little bit older, if not demonstrably wiser. Rob, Nan, and associates celebrated 15 years in “business” by hijacking the Hideout Block Party in 2009. Now, 20 months later, here’s the incriminating evidence: No One Got Hurt, a live CD documenting the degenerate goings on, was released April 16, in honor of Record Store Day; limited copies are available via the label’s website.
I only really remember one thing from the party — Rob lying down on the pavement, as the Waco Brothers rolled off the stage at the end of a very, very long day, and begging for a margarita. But now we’ve got  70 minutes of memory-jogging music – from the acoustic Sanctified Grumblers opener through the pigs-are-flying reunion of the Blacks, increasingly demented, dreamy sets from from Scott H. Biram, Deadstring Brothers, and Alejandro Escovedo and, of course, Chicago’s #1 Wasted String Band, whom no one can ever follow.
All killer, no filler!”  A “balls-out bash!” But why listen to the critics when you can listen to the music? $11.95 and it’s ALL YOURS. And no one gets hurt.