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Grammy (nominations) at The Hideout 2009

Greg Kot’s Tribune Turn It Up Taylor Swift and the Grammys: Is that all there is? lauds actual singers Neko Case and Mavis Staples while lambasting the Grammys for not following their own stated guidelines in selecting the “best” recordings and featuring the artists responsible for them in “live performances” that leave actual music fans shaking their heads in wonder. Thanks for writing what we’re thinking, Greg!
Johnny Cash 1986 Grammy award
Johnny Cash 1986 Grammy award

Jim DeRogatis’ Chicago Sun-Times Grammy Time on Sunday… and the Hideout connection includes a nice Tim Tuten story giving well deserved props to Hideout artists whose work was nominated for Grammy awards.
Congrats to Judge, Neko, Hogan, Tom V Ray, Honeyboy & Mavis!
You’re all winners to us no matter what happened!
Tera Healy’s Loud Loop Press Chicago artists hope to win at 52nd Annual Grammy Awards lists the many Chicago artists up for Grammies.