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From the archive: Phantom Planet ‘California’ video shot at H/O…

OK, so the much cooler Kids These Days video reminded me — or, rather, reminded Tim Tuten, who reminded me, about this video, also shot at the Hideout.
And oh, I remember this night. Clearly.
I was working, and there was a show, I don’t remember who, and then we heard that the band opening for Pete Yorn at The Metro was going to come and play a late set. So, the night plays out. Then, 3 VERY LARGE tour buses show up, and out come these fellows. I could only think about how Max Fischer from Rushmore was at our bar, and still in the same white T-shirt with a tie sharpie’d onto the front. And he was playing drums. And there were like 8 cameras. And there might have been a limo. Yes, A LIMO. And we were peeling PHANTOM PLANET stickers off of everything for at least a month.
OK, then, like 4 months later, I see this video. And I realize that at the end when they’re writing ‘Phantom Planet Was Here’ on the wall … they’re writing it on the wall behind the stage at the Hideout, and that for a brief second you could see where we had written the combination to the lock on the back door, to remember it.
I realized that the combination to the lock on the back door of the bar was probably just played on MTV. 04-24-34, right there, for everyone to see.
We don’t use that lock anymore. Now we use a different lock. Anyhow, here’s the video: