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Free yoga with Marcelyn Cole

Feeling logy? Sluggish? Tight in the quads? Well, do we have the cure for you.
Bartender and tireless yoga teacher  Marci reports that she’s teaching FREE yoga at Millennium Park for the next three Saturdays at 8 am as part of the city’s “Free Summer Workouts” series. She’s also teaching a special yoga class from 10:30am-12:00pm on the 4th of July at Moksha Yoga Center. “Accessible but challenging,” and suitable for all levels, that one’s called “Warm Belly, Cool Head” and is designed “to help a person digest barbecued foods and beers and keep calm in the middle of an exploding city.”
So c’mon — get off the barstool and stretch it out. Maybe you’ll even find enlightenment along the way.