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Thomas Comerford

Saturday, August 21
Show | 6:30pm // Doors | 6pm
After moving to Chicago 1999, Thomas Comerford founded and led the indie rock outfit Kaspar Hauser over a series of lineups and LP releases in the 2000s. By 2010, he was also playing under his own name with a number of backing musicians and releasing his own LPs, including "Archive + Spiral" in 2011, "II" in 2014 and “Blood Moon” in 2018. The music, songs and singing on these LPs have been compared to the likes of Jeff Tweedy and Tom Waits ("USA Today") and Lou Reed and the Go Betweens (“Chicago Reader”). Recently, Comerford started Another VU, a Velvet Underground tribute group, who play songs from the band’s 1969 era. Currently, he has just released his fourth solo LP, "Introverts" on June 18, 2021.
4/5 Stars, "“Introverts is the stunning 4th album from the Chicago-based Thomas Comerford. It’s mind-boggling in itself how Comerford has amassed such a wealth of players, creating nothing that sounds like your average piecemeal 'virtual' assemblage, and hats off to he and fellow multi-instrumentalist Robbie Hamilton for the production values alone, since they’ve created something comparable to Brendan O’Brien’s mid-90s work. … Musically akin to pre-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco … Introverts is without a doubt a ‘go back to’ LP.” -- Louis Wigget, Shindig! Magazine

"Comerford straddles the singer-songwriter era of the 1970s and the dusty, deadpan observations of psychedelic iconoclasts such as Bill Callahan ... amid all the album’s expansive sounds, including the pretty lilt of Tom McGettrick’s pedal steel guitar, the natural tremor in Comerford’s voice makes him sound more apprehensive than confident. These beguiling country songs leave their doors open for you to poke around and find hidden interpretations that are inevitably right." -- Mark Guarino, Chicago Reader

"The vividness of Comerford’s words establish him as an uncommonly astute exponent of the singer-songwriter tradition. Adding to this is distinctive inflection that at times recalls Bill Callahan and David Berman." -- Joseph Neff, Vinyl District

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