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The Singer and the Song: Sparkle Carcass and Lydia Cash

Ages 21 and up
Friday, December 08, 2023
Show: 9:30pm // Doors: 9pm

The Singer and The Song
The Singer and The Song is a new series hosted by musicians and buddies- Lawrence Peters, Russell Walker, and Brandon Good- out of a desire to showcase the incredible talent that exists within the Chicagoland Americana and Country scenes, with a focus on songwriting. 

The idea is to bring together songwriters and artists that may not have heard one another, or shared a stage, and expose their fans to a broader range of music. 

At its core The Singer and The Song is about building community through music and songwriting, in a way that showcases the diverse and robust talent of one of the most special scenes in America. 

Sparkle Carcass
Chicago Dive Bar Country

Lydia Cash

Lydia Cash grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to Chicago on a whim in 2013 with no plan or job leads, only the dream of making her way as an independent painter and musician.

After finding success as a painter, Cash moved to Nashville in 2021 to further pursue her music career. A relative of Johnny Cash, Lydia rediscovered her connection to country music while living in Nashville and bartending on lower Broadway.

Cash made her return to Chicago in the summer of 2023. Inspired by artists such as Kacey Musgraves, Nikki Lane, and Sheryl Crow, along with her love for indie and emo rock, Cash is creating something new on the country music scene that celebrates storytelling with raw, unadorned vocals and haunting melodies. Her vulnerability and at times brutal honesty found within her songs is her greatest strength in connecting to her audience. Cash hopes that this openness encourages her listeners to grow in kindness and empathy towards each other, through themes of heartbreak, struggles in marriage and relationships, celebrating small moments in everyday life, and her love for the city of Chicago.

· 21+

· Door staff will check ID.

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