1354 West Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 | 773.227.4433

The Bridge

Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Show: 8:30pm // Doors: 8pm
The Bridge
Since its inception in 2013 and over the past 10 years (despite, of course, the pandemic-induced hiatus in 2020 and 2021), The Bridge proposed to the greatest artists of Chicago and the Midwest, and to those of France, and also to emerging musicians from both sides, to set up collaborative projects. Of those which make the essence of this music since 150 years: a spirit of discovery, and a spirit of sharing, between individuals from different cultures, and between cultures themselves, on the bangs of a music industry that has increasingly favored bands from one place on flash tours. Creative music as a navigator between the worlds, for new transcultural diaologues
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