1354 West Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 | 773.227.4433

SLVRBNS + Rob Frye & Ben LaMar Gay + BCMC

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, February 03, 2022
Show: 9:30pm // Doors: 9pm

SLVRBNS is a shapeshifting, Andean Futurist multi-sensory sojourn. Using modular synthesizers, noisy guitar riffs, dark vocals, swaying basslines and unpredictable drums they diverge from an ordinary music concert into a focused happening. Their deep and personal chemistry weaves free jazz, punk, electronica, folk and theater into a hypnotic sonic dream. 

Rob Frye and Ben LaMar Gay

Based in Chicago since 2006, Rob Frye chases sound using woodwinds, synthesizers, bicycle tires, and birdsong. His project Flux Bikes is in its 11th year; Frye’s other current groups include Bitchin Bajas, Exoplanet, and Glass Canyon Ensemble. Ben LaMar Gay is a composer and cornetist who moves sound, color, and space through folkloric filters to produce electro-acoustic collages. His unification of various styles is always in service of the narrative and never solely a display of technique. A Chicago native, Ben’s true technique is giving life to an idea while exploring and expanding on the term “Americana.”

BCMC (Cooper Crain, Bill MacKay) Cooper Crain and Bill MacKay With BCMC, Cooper Crain (of Bitchin’ Bajas) and Bill MacKay unite to create provocative epilogues, warm avant-garde noir, and fiery over-driven jams to recall life’s sunnier and stranger days. Crain’s organ and synths & MacKay’s guitar mix as they draw their songs from elegiac themes & spontaneous statements. Each takes the lead or provides the backdrop depending on where they are going at any given time. Though often they simply melt forward sonically in a singular & exuberantly undulating movement.

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