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CFA + The Hideout: Caligari’s Cure

Wednesday, May 12
Show | 8pm
On May 12th, we're teaming up with the CFA for a virtual screening of Tom Palazzolo’s 1982 film Caligari’s Cure followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker.
Most well-known for his off-beat and darkly comedic documentaries about life on the margins, legendary Chicago filmmaker Tom Palazzolo took his first stab at feature-length fictional storytelling with Caligari’s Cure (1982), an irreverent retelling of his Catholic up-bringing that is both absurd and tender. Chicago (very loosely) plays a bizarro St. Louis populated with brightly-colored hand-painted sets and Palazzolo’s full-grown SAIC students roped in to play the filmmaker’s childhood friends. It all results in a lovably shaggy film that has been difficult to find until CFA digitized it in 2020.