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Chicago musicians and industry folks do you need some free dental work?  Here’s info on how to get it…
FREE DENTAL EXAM, CLEANING, & X-RAYS for Chicago area musicians & music biz professionals on 11/10. Appointment required: 877-303-6962 or rsvp_mcny@grammy.com. (Courtesy of Musicares, Chicago Federation of Musicians, and Smile Illinois.) Hey you! It is FREE!! Share this info!
or do you need help building a new website for your music?  Casey at Chicago Mixtape has got you covered…

I’m teaching a new on-line class this week about how to create a website exactly like the Chicago Mixtape.
I am going to show you exactly how I got it off the ground and go though all the details about what you need to know to launch a similar site around your ideas…
The first video is all about the mistakes that nearly everyone makes…From Fortune 500 companies to Garage Bands, I’ve seen SO many folks make
these mistakes!  It’s called “Website Disasters”…Scary huh… ?  I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Register here: http://www.DIYWebsystems.com