1354 West Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 | 773.227.4433

"An Evening in the Chinook Lounge" with Chef Mickey Neely

Mondays in July Chef Mickey Neely looks to pair the timeless allure of the Wisconsin Supper Club dining experience with a little bar tucked into Chicago’s industrial corridor, The Hideout.
The menu includes a 5-course meal and a cocktail menu made available from Campari. With seatings at 6:00 & 8:00 PM, and weekly dinner-time entertainment ranging from musicians, comedians, poets, and magicians, folks can swing by right after work or a little later on for the kind of Wisconsin opulence that summons palatable nostalgia—transporting us back to a kitchen, dinner table or conversation somewhere – all the while comfortably nestled around long, family-style banquet tables in the Hideout’s back hall, the Chinook Lounge.For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere, but want a more casual experience, fresh made sandwiches will be available in the front bar.
7/17 – AJ Sacco
7/31 – Bill Bullock