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This week at the H/O

Hey ho lovely people!
Ok, so June got through it’s teenaged days more or less in one piece. Now for it’s early 20s. Let’s sow some wild oats and take ourselves out for a joy ride.
Tonight, Fred Lonberg Holm’s Fast Citizens pulls this week out of the garage and onto the driveway. Time Out nails it as a “best bet” and “one of the local free-bop scene’s most gripping groups.”
Thursday night, Axis:Sova snaps on our collective leather driving gloves (sans knuckles) with a celebration of their new 7″ release, joined by friends Golden Birthday and Streetwalker.
Homeboy Chris Mills starts to revv the engine and back onto the street on Friday with just a touch of beautiful menace. He’s joined by Magnolia Summer and the Faders.
Then, uh-oh, on Saturday: Cheer Accident. They experiment with the engine, we cheer the results — and Monica Kendrick waves the starting flag in the Reader. “More of a joy to hear than ever,” she says. And, GO! A dance party follows, by Smashing Time DJ’s. Our fine vehicle is lucky to make it through the night.
Thankfully, we have a full day of bliss on Sunday: A Day In The Country. A Sunday drive through the country, featuring only the best: The BlackWilloughbys, Majors Junction, Al Scorch’s Country Soul Ensemble, The Lawrence Peters Outfit, Gin Palace Jesters, Sanctified Grumblers, Dastardly, The Hoyle Brothers, Crop Duster, Possum Hollow Boys, Knockdown String Band, Sarah and the Tall Boys, The Barehand Jugband. Yeee haw.
Sunday night, late, we return home, put the car in the garage, and curl up in the backseat. Monday’s are for suckers. But … wait, that’s not true! Mondays are for Robbie Fulks, the longrunning gig the Reader just picked as, well, “Best Weekly Live-Music Gig” in its Best of Chicago issue. I’d link to it but the dang thing isn’t online yet.
While we’re on the subject of Robbie, don’t forget — Monday July 4 will be free, with free grilled items and a collection of Mondays With Robbie alums. That’ll be fun too. Plan ahead!
OK. Long, tortured, car-ride metaphor now OVER. You may commence with your Wednesday drinking.